A full copy of all of the program's policies is available for parents to access. If you are interested ask a staff member to show you them. 


The service is licensed for a maximum of 100 students. Our aim is to ensure that we can offer a child care service to all families within our school community. Prompt notification of care needs will assist us in ensuring that we have an appropriate level of OSHC staff for all families requiring care. 
Where access to care places is limited our decisions will be subject to Commonwealth Government 
Priority of Access guidelines; 

Priority 1: A child at risk of serious abuse or neglect 
Priority 2: A child of a single parent who satisfied or of parents who both satisfy the work/training/study test 
Priority 3: Any other Child. 

Within each priority mentioned above, the following children are to be given priority: children in Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander families, children in families that include a person with a disability, children in families on lower income, children in families with a non-English background, children in socially isolated families and children of single parents 


Our Service is committed to supporting the confidentiality of information. The service protects the privacy and confidentiality of individuals by ensuring that all records and information about individual children, families, staff and management are disclosed only to those people who need the information to fulfil their responsibilities at the service or have a legal right to know. 


ALL electronic equipment is banned from OSHC/Vac Care with the exception of mobile phones. ALL phones are to be switched off & kept in the child's bag. If parents wish to contact their child during OSHC/Vac Care time, please ring the OSHC office. 
Parents are asked to note that any valuables such as mobile phones and laptops bought to OSHC are at the owners own risk with no liability taken for any damage. 


Our Service is actively committed to inclusion, that children of all ability levels and cultural and ethnic backgrounds have the same intrinsic value and are entitled to the same opportunities for participation, acceptance and belonging in child care. Our service aims to provide positive experiences and promote positive attitudes in children about ethnicity, race, skin colour, gender and ability in relation to self and others. 


No patent medicines (Panadol etc) will be given to children. Prescribed medicines can only be administered if a Medical Plan has been completed. Prescribed medication needs to be provided to the staff in the original container-showing child's name, dosage and expiry date. 


OSHC staff will administer first aid to your child as required. Any assistance your child receives will be noted in the First Aid folder and a note placed in the Sign in Register. 
Where children require additional medical treatment, parents /emergency contacts will be contacted to seek further advice or to ask for children to be collected. 


The three most important ways of preventing the spread of infectious disease are: 

  • Effective hand washing
  • Exclusion of sick children
  • Childhood Immunisation

Children and staff with infectious diseases will be excluded from the service in accordance with current Guidelines. If a child is unwell at home or becomes unwell at school, parents are asked not to send the child to the service, but to make alternative arrangements for their care.