Prospect Primary School is set in a beautiful environment with extensive grounds including two ovals for active play, two asphalt areas, grassed play areas, two junior and senior playgrounds,  a nature play area, a vegetable garden, a courtyard for quieter activities and a frogpond.  Many mosaic artpieces (created each year by the Yr 7 students) are placed around the school adding to the visual attractiveness of the grounds.

Buildings comprise of three separate brick buildings housing eighteen classrooms, the library, the staff room, administration and two ktichens. Other buildings include the gymnasium, visual arts Centre, performing arts centre and a radio station.

All classrooms are air conditioned. There are interactive whiteboards in every classroom, the gym, the visual and performing arts centres and the library. 

A School Dental clinic is located on the school grounds, near the Staples Court school entrance. Staff are in attendance Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 4.30pm. They can be contacted on 8269 4579.