Our Values


At Prospect Primary School, we take pride in being a ‘Community of Learners’, staff, students, parents and caregivers.

Values are a set of standards, principles and behaviours that ensure that we work together towards our agreed and understood priorities, directions and purpose. We have defined and are committed to the values that underpin the way we work as a ‘Community of Learners’ at Prospect Primary School:


Means: understanding and celebrating diversity, understanding uniqueness; being inclusive; getting along, working together, being thoughtful and caring about yourself and others; showing consideration for our school environment; being responsible; making good choices, being tolerant, fair, kind, generous, honest and loyal.


Means: being innovative; showing initiative, using higher order thinking, being passionate about learning; using humour, being open to new ideas, thinking, creating new ideas, being original, using imagination, providing inspiration, being inventive, being resourceful, providing a vision.


Means: achieving excellence, commitment, showing persistence, giving your best effort, aiming for personal best, aiming high, taking risks, showing courage in learning and behaviour, learning how to learn, being organised, setting new goals, recognising light bulb moments, hard work, accomplishing goals.


Our school logo was designed in 2010 after new school values were established in the years prior. This was a collaborative effort involving a student voice logo committee, staff and community as well as a design and print company. Essentially the student committee collected the ideas of all students at school wishing to contribute ideas along with staff ideas and community opinion and collated this information. It was most evident that the environment was to be a feature and after several student drafting sessions our logo came to life. The student committee also visited the design company and worked with a senior graphic designer where they were involved in the last tweaks made and decided on colours for the finished logo. Our final logo disk was produced in November 2010 after a yearlong process.