Fee Payment

Updated Booking Fees and Policies: As most of the parents and caregivers are aware, 2018 has also meant the start the start to the new booking fees and policies. This is a reminder of the changes that have been made, and the updated rates and cancellation policy.
Permanent Bookings: Permanent bookings require a booking form to be filled in and returned prior to the term commencing. A new booking form is required each term; bookings DO NOT roll over to the following term. Booking forms are located on the table by the OSHC front door. A permanent booking will cost a total of:
Before School Care: $10.00
After School Care: $20.00
Emergency Bookings: Emergency bookings can be made when there are extenuating circumstances and there is an unplanned need for care due to illness, family emergency, unexpected call into work – these are once off bookings. To make an emergency booking, a text message with the child’s name, account holders name, date of requested booking must be send to the OSHC mobile phone before the requested booking is to commence. An emergency booking will cost a total of:
Before School Care: $15.00
After School Care: $25.00
Cancellations: Cancellations MUST be made 48 hours in advance. Cancellations of bookings made after this time will incur the full fee, unless in the case of the child or child’s sibling being unwell, or unforeseen incidences, for example a family death.