An invoice for the Material and Service Fee will be sent out early in Term 1 of each year.

The Material & Service fee is used, together with DECD grants, to provide your child with text books, educational materials, apparatus and equipment in all subjects during the course of study at the school. Payment for excursions, performances, camps and swimming/aquatics are paid in addition to the materials and services fee.

Parents in financial difficulty may apply to have school fees paid by the Government by accessing the School Card Scheme. Information about and application forms for the School Card Scheme can be obtained through our finance office. Parents can also negotiate for payments by instalments. Enquiries may be made at the finance office.

School fees and excursion/extra curricula payments may be paid by -

Two easy and secure online methods of payment have recently been launched to help families that find it difficult to make payments face to face during school hours.

* B-Point

B-point can be accessed from here  

* QkR!

QkR! is a free, secure mobile application for fast and easy payment of school accounts. The application is owned and operated by Mastercard, ensuring safety and privacy of information and alleviates the need to send cash to school with your child. A great tool for working families that find it difficult to get to school to make payments face to face.

Payment via QkR! is now available.   Simply download the Qkr! app from the App store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

Keep up to date with the progress of our launch by checking our website or Facebook page.

For more information click here 
For a video preview showing how QkR! works click here

* Direct Debit 

A direct debit payment plan is now available.  Contact the Front Office to obtain the necessary application form. Email   or phone 8344 5696

* Via phone – credit card

* Cash