Special Programs


Year 5, 6 and 7 students have the opportunity to participate in the school’s senior choir. Choir members practise each week, learning singing and performance skills in preparation for the Primary Schools of South Australia Festival of Music Program.

A set repertoire of songs and choreography is learnt and practised by students in readiness for a culminating performance at the Adelaide Festival Theatre late in term 3 of the school year. Students also learn about context and how songs relate to a range of topics, emotions, themes and messages. They learn vocal techniques performance etiquette and the processes and procedures involved in being a performer at The Festival Theatre.


Music tuition is available through the Instrumental Music Service Strings Program. Students starting at year 3 are able to learn to play; violin, viola or cello via face to face lessons provided by a qualified (DECD) strings teacher who visits the school one day per week. Students learn how to play, care for and set up their chosen instrument and how to read music.

Learning is generally conducted in small groups tailored to suit the instruments, year and ability levels of the students. An ensemble is also formed for players to learn how to perform as a larger group.

This program is free of charge to students of the school who register interest in learning to play a string instrument at the end of each year.


Extra lessons are provided to students who have been identified as being advanced in Visual Arts to further enrich, extend and accelerate their learning and experiences. Students are given the opportunity to work in this learning area in more depth or breadth, the opportunity to accelerate their learning by drawing content from the later levels in the Australian Curriculum as well as engage in personal and powerful learning projects which are very specific to each student’s interests.  



Students at Prospect Primary School are active readers and have enjoyed enormous whole school and indvidual successes in the Premiers Reading Challenge.

The Premiers Reading Challenge is a literacy engagement program that was introduced by the Premier in 2004 to:

  • Encourage students to read more books and enjoy reading
  • Improve literacy levels

The Challenge requires students to read 12 books between the beginning of the school year and early September.

More information can be found at the PRC website http://www.premiersreadingchallenge.sa.edu.au/prc/pages/home



The Challenge is to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity on at least 5 days of the week for at least 4 weeks. More information can be found at http://www.pbac.sa.edu.au/Home.aspx



It has become a tradition for Year 7 students at Prospect Primary School to become involved in a mosaic project during their last term at primary school. Students have the opportunity to be part of a creation that will be a lasting legacy of their time at Prospect Primary School.  Together they produce durable, high quality vibrant artwork that complements our school grounds and provides a visual focus and point of difference for many years.

The mosaic workshops, which are held in our art room give students the opportunity to extend their fine art skills and learn new techniques as well as work collaboratively to produce artwork that provides pride for students and the whole community.


Music lessons are available at the school through private providers "Learning Through Music".  Instruments include  piano, keyboard, guitar, voice/singing, flute, recorder, trombone, trumpet, saxophone and clarinet.  Instrument hire is available. Lessons are held at school once a week. Lessons are 30 minutes in duration. Money is paid directly to the company.  Brochures are available at the School Front Office.  Alternatively for more information, phone Learning Through Music office on 0401398120,  email info@ltmusic.com.au or the website   http://www.ltmusic.com.au/