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OSHC Fee Structure

Children who do not have a booking will not be able to attend OSHC. If children are not collected from the school and the parent or guardian has not contacted OSHC to book in a session for the child, then duty of care rests with the school and DfE/SA police will be notified.

Permanent Bookings
Permanent bookings are regular bookings that repeat each week for the remainder of the term. For example, after school care is required each week on a Friday. To make a permanent booking, a booking form needs to be completed and returned to OSHC staff. However, places are limited and therefore permanent positions cannot be guaranteed as we will accept bookings on a ‘first in first served’ basis. Once we reach 95 permanent after school care bookings for a session, we will cease accepting any further permanent bookings for that session, for the remainder of the term. A new booking form is required each term as bookings DO NOT roll over to the following term. Booking forms are located on the table by the OSHC front door.

A permanent booking will cost:
Before School Care: $10.00
After School Care: $20.00

In applicable circumstances, such as where the parent or guardian is a shift worker, permanent booking will be accepted with one month’s notice where a parent or guardian’s roster is provided monthly and at the discretion of the OHSC Director. Prior to booking, please arrange a meeting with the Director to discuss individual circumstances. Any alterations to the permanent booking made during the term will be charged at an emergency booking rate.

Casual Bookings
Casual bookings relate to any non-recurring, once off bookings. For example, one week the child requires before school care on Tuesday and Friday but the following week only requires before school care on Monday. To make a casual booking, a text message with the child’s name, account holder’s name, date of wanted booking, and type of wanted booking must be sent to the OSHC mobile before the booking is to commence, i.e. 7:00 am for before school care and 3:00 pm for after school care.

A casual booking will cost:
Before School Care: $15.00
After School Care: $25.00

Emergency Bookings
An emergency booking differs to a casual booking and is for last minute emergencies and extenuating circumstances that require an unplanned need for care, such as illness or family emergency. Each day we have a small number (5) of reserved spaces for absolute emergencies only.

An emergency booking will cost:
Before School Care: $15.00
After School Care: $25.00

If a child attends OSHC under an emergency booking three times or more in one term, an additional fee of $25 will be charged to the account and shown on the invoice as “Emergency Booking Fee”.

Cancellation of bookings must be made via text message 48 hours’ before the booked session is to commence. If a cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the booking or the child is absent without notice, the full fee will be charged. For example, if a casual after school care booking has been made for Thursday, the parent or guardian must send a text message to the OSHC phone advising of the absence by Tuesday 3:00 pm or the full fee will charged.
BSC: By 7.00 am two days before
ASC: By 3.00 pm two days before
Cancellations of bookings made after this time will incur the full fee, unless in the case of the child or the child’s sibling being unwell, or unforeseen incidences, for example a family death. This is at the discretion of the Director. When a child or the child’s sibling is unwell, a text message is required to notify OSHC of their absence. If OSHC is not notified, the account holder will be charged for the booking.

Pupil Free Day/Vacation Care Bookings and Cancelations
Several weeks before a pupil free day or Vacation Care, a booking form and calendar of events will be available on the table by the OSHC front door. Please complete and submit the booking form to ensure a booking, as a limited number of places will be available. Bookings can also be made via text message. A text message including the child’s name, account holders name and date of wanted booking is sent to the OSHC mobile.
Cancellation of these bookings must be via text message 48 hours before the booked session is to commence. This means that if a Wednesday booking needs to be cancelled, the text message must be sent before Monday at 7:00 am, when we open. Cancellations of bookings with less than 48 hours’ notice or without notice will incur the full fee, unless in the case of OSHC being notified of the child or the child’s sibling being unwell or unforeseen circumstance, and at the discretion of the Director.

Note: Bookings and cancellations must be done via text message, not email or phone